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ABCMusiEx News...

Wed Jul 1 2010 Rodolfo Alcazar 1.0-8
Notes on fifth release 1.0-8.fc13:

- Fixes: minor syscommand fixes

Thu Jun 24 14:25:07 CEST 2010 Rodolfo Alcazar 0.1-7.fc13
Notes on fifth release 1.0-7.fc13:

- Fifth release signed 1.0-7
- Fixes: minor bugs in system command
- Spec file with some Willy Cat siamwilly@yahoo... suggestions
- Adds: Graphical user interface

Sat Dec 29 2007 Rodolfo Alcazar 0.9-2
Notes on fourth release 0.9-2:

- Fixes: A couple of bugs
- Uses evince instead of acroread, timidity as player, not needed wav or mp3 files for exercises starting
- Faster generation and action
- Fedora 8 ready, avoid many dependences, rpm process generation improved
- Stages generation improved
- Pulseaudio not fixed in timidity, but abcmusiex now working fine with default device.

Tue Apr 4 2006 Rodolfo Alcazar 0.8-2
Notes on third release 0.8-2:

- Third release signed 0.8-2
- Sharps and flats generation;
- Ties (legatos) generation.

Thu Mar 23 2006 Rodolfo Alcazar 0.8
Notes on second release 0.8:

Just some very useful fixes:

- Controlling generation stages;
- Updated documentation and manpage;
- Better generation tools;
- Metronom optional;
- Randomizer bug fixed;
- Dispersion fixed;
- Interface standardization.

Notes on first release 0.7-1:

- This release is created on C so then it can be appended with some open code from other abc suite software.
- Must have bugs. Just tested with some examples.
- Code does not validate any parameter entry.
- The program make some shell calls to other abc software, xpdf viewer and audio converters.
- The program just generates an abc file which then is converted to many formats. It is really simple.

Thanks to ABC standard writers and ABCPlus codemakers. Thanks to SourceForge, as always.
If you have any doubt or wanna help me improve this work, just drop me a line.

2006, ABCMusiEx 2006
ABCMusiex... Sight music reading easy!