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ABCMusiEx example

ABCMusiEx (ABC Music Sight Reading Exercises Generator) is a simple open software useful to create music score sight reading exercises. Download and install this software. Create your exercises. Print your musical scores. Start practicing with your instrument: Read and play while the audio parts are being played!

Here you have a full example and all generated files.

> abcmusiex -t 70 -b 3 -w 4 -n 20 -o test -l 4 -d 2 \
  -T "A big example" -C "A GNU tool" -W "man, this is easy..." \
  --triplets --dots --rests --sharps --legato
The generated graphic output preview:

The generated graphic files:

  • .ABC file: test.abc
  • .MID file: test.mid
  • .WAV file: test.wav
  • .MP3 file: test.mp3
  • .PDF file: test.pdf
  • .PS file: test.ps

    2006, ABCMusiEx 2006
    ABCMusiex... Sight music reading easy!